Starting a new business is not an easy task, you will need lots of things to get your business going. Behind every startup business, there lies a simple idea. Which eventually turns out be successful for you and starts to generate revenue. Then you have to give your business a shape which often means renting a small office space. Of course, running a business will require help from other people whom you can call your employee. Finding a suitable office space in the city will not be simple. There are many things you should keep in mind while choosing a space as described by Cleaning Services Toronto Pro. Here are some tips for you to get going.

Know what is required

First of all you must know how space do you require? Too little will leave little space for future expansion and too much will add a heavy burden on your overall costing. Choose the office space according to the number of your employee. A standard startup business office should not be more than 1000 square feet, which is enough for 6 employees. All a need a basic layout of your workstation and set the furniture according to that. Then you are ready to go.

Know about Employee’s Location

You must keep in mind where your employees mostly live while choosing an office space. You will find plenty of office space at a lower rent in some parts of the city. But, before renting those space, consider about your employee’s location. If the office is too far from their home, it will take a lot of time and effort to arrive at the office in time. You cannot expect better productivity from them when the arrival is that difficult. Choose an office space which is at a suitable spot of the city. The transport facility should be simple for your employee to reach the office.

Sublet Office

Sharing an office space is not a bad idea at all, in fact it is becoming very popular now a days. A startup business may not have that much balance to rent a new space. So you can share your office space with another business owner. It doesn’t mean that will anyway compromise your office environment. Both business will operate individually. Sublet office are generally cheaper in rent and you can get one easily. Once your business becomes profitable, you can rent your own office space.

Negotiate Everything

Yes, you can negotiate about the renting price of a space with the landlord. Everything is negotiable once you know the techniques. Landlords are often very persistent about the rent of their space. They do not want to negotiate about the renting price. However, you can start a negotiation to reduce the price. If you can put up some good logics, you can actually reduce the rent. Startup business is all about saving money which you can invest somewhere else. So negotiation can be a good idea when you are trying to rent an office space.