Furniture trends in 2016

The New Year is passed and for home improvement enthusiasts this means that we need to check out the new trends as far as home decorations go. Well, if 2015 was not so big on change and most decorators have kept things pretty simple, with no excess of shape, color or texture, 2016 seems to be the exact opposite.

As far as furniture goes, 2016 will be a much daring year. First of all, if in 2015 most home designers were set on monochromatic furniture, this year will be far more interesting. For the first time in ages, everyone has agreed that colors are not at all a bad idea. The most popular shades will be green, yellow and red. However, designers will surely keep some features from last years catalogues and try to mix things up a bit. This means that we will surely get interesting combinations of black, dull furniture with something bright and cheerful. Now this is a change weve all been waiting for ant we all welcome. No more black and white sounds like a great idea.

As far as shape goes, things have not changed much. The style designers are still going to go with is the minimalist one. It seems that lees keeps being more, even in 2016. Simple shelves and furniture that has rather an aesthetic purpose than a functional one still seem to be a norm. Come to think of it, this is actually a great idea. Now that people are braver when it comes to colors, it may have been too much to also change all the details about furniture.

One other thing that has drastically changed in the furniture design scenery is the decorative objects. Up until 2015 and in 2015 as well, people loved to show off all their paintings, pillows and any other art or decorative objects. Now, in 2016 things have drastically changed. The only things that are still acceptable when it comes to decorative objects are paintings, as long as they are simple and tasteful, and as long as they dont have intricate designs on the frame. One other thing that is worth noticing about paintings is that they need to be large ones that take up at least half of the wall. Otherwise, small paintings, especially if there are more on the same wall, are surely not in style anymore.

One new feature this years furniture has is the fact that it can be made out of virtually anything. Weve seen this before, ever since 2012, but the phenomenon seems to have bloomed this year. In 2016 furniture will be made out of almost any material, especially out of recycled materials. Anything from plastic, …

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